IAHR APD 2016 Colombo, Sri Lanka

It is our honor and privilege to invite you to the 20th Congress of the Asia Pacific Division of the International Association for Hydro Environment Engineering and Research, to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in August 2016. 

It is the first time this Congress is being held in Sri Lanka, a land that possesses a 2500 year old Hydraulic civilization. The rainwater reservoirs developed in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura (437 BC-845 AD) & Polonnaruwa (846 AD-1302 AD) are even today fully functional working systems, irrigating large areas of land. The finest example of the ingenuity of the Sri Lankan irrigation engineering is the invention of the "Biso-kotuwa" (meaning queen's enclosure) in 3rd century B.C. Biso-kotuwa is the equivalent of the modern valve-pit, which operates in the regulation of the outward flow of water. Hence it is opportune to have this important Hydro Environmental Congress in Sri Lanka.

In an era of rapid global change, lessons from the past, the situation at present and the forecast for the future will play a lead role in Water Engineering Research. This theme therefore will provide a forum for high quality scientific papers, presentations and discussion.

Sri Lanka was voted by Lonely Planet the best tourist destination in 2013. Hence it will not only be a forum for intellectual and scientific discourse in the field of Water Engineering Research but also will bring in the flavor and spice Sri Lanka has to offer.

Imagine an environment where beautiful sun drenched beaches are a stroll away, but cooler climes where the world’s best tea is grown is 3 hours away, reminisces of by gone civilizations including their major hydraulic endeavors are about 3 to 4 hours away and last but not least the wild life in their natural habitat including the jumbo Elephant 4 hours away, and that is what the pearl of the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka will offer. With its spices, variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and its sea food, character and vibrancy, Sri Lanka is indeed an amazing country that will enchant you.

In 2016, the IAHR APD will also be celebrating its 20th birthday.

Hence, we invite you to join us for this important Congress as a participant, a presenter or an accompanying person, as we also celebrate the 20th Congress of the IAHR APD, in this exotic land, the wonder of Asia and place you have to visit.

An opportunity for delegates to listen to prominent Keynote speakers and lectures, present and listen to cutting edge, state of the art research and findings, participate in concurrent sessions, special sessions, poster sessions, technical visits and social events. In addition it will provide an opportunity to explore, ancient hydraulic structures and irrigation systems, several world heritage sites, and this enchanting country with its variety of attractions.

  • There will be a student paper competition and a best paper award
  • There will be a special session on historical water projects and water heritage amongst others

The Congress will be held at the Galadari Hotel, Colombo.

Lonely Planet voted Sri Lanka the best tourist destination for 2013. The New York Times, Expect the World described it in 2010 as the number one place to go.

Lonely Planet describes Sri Lanka as “So much in so little”. Few places have so many UNESCO World Heritage sites (Eight) in such a small area.

Endless beaches, timeless ruins, famous teas, natural safaris, oodles of elephants, flavoured food and welcoming people.

Marco Polo described it as the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean” and others as “Paradise under the sun” and that is the 2016 Congress location. Its 2000 plus years culture and hydraulic civilization can be discovered at ancient sites filled with mystery, legendary temples and still functioning irrigation systems.

The following websites give you a hint of Sri Lanka, Colombo and the Congress location. 

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City of Colombo - Youtube - Galadari Hotel and its precincts

Colombo the economic capital of Sri Lanka enjoys a tropical climate. Colombo is easily accessible by air with the majority of the national carriers flying to Colombo daily. The Galadari, overlooking the Indian Ocean provides delegates that extra advantage with its comprehensive facilities & central location.


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